Medical Image Display and Management Software

Frequently Asked Questions

License Issues

My computer crashed / was replaced / etc., and now my license won't activate...?

Send an email to with the License Number of the license you're having difficulties with and an explanation of what happened. We will increase the activations for that license on our license server.

My license was working fine, but now it says the trial expired...?

Try rebooting the computer. That usually resolves the issue. If it doesn't, please contact us at

How do I move my ShowCase license to another computer?

Follow our Moving Licenses Quick Guide.

Windows 10 & Mac

Does ShowCase work with Windows 10?

ShowCase 5.x and 6.x runs on Windows 10, 8.1, 7, 2008r2, 2012, 2012r2. If you're having Windows 10 problems, please contact us at

Can ShowCase run on a Mac?

Not directly, no. But several of our customers have had very good results running it under Parallels and VMWare Fusion.

Study Transfer Issues

My studies have stopped transferring from the ultrasound machine to the Image Center...

See our Troubleshooting Studies Not Transferring To Image Center guide for help.

My studies have stopped transferring from the ultrasound machine to Connect...

See our Troubleshooting Studies Not Transferring To Connect guide for help.


Why does ShowCase take so long to start up?

When Showcase starts up, it tries to load every DICOM folder it has been told to "remember" and any DICOMDIR it finds at the root of a hard disk, CD, USB, etc. When these folders fill up with more than 50,000 images you will likely start to notice ShowCase slowing down. Bad CDs, slow USBs or slow network shares can also cause problems. If you are using our older Connect product, you can avoid some of these problems by following our Study Management Guidelines. However, we highly recommend replacing Connect with our newer Image Center product, which can store up to 200,000+ studies with no impact on ShowCase Premier start up times.

Remote Viewing

How do I view studies remotely?

Our Image Center and Premier viewer provide a robust solution for remote viewing over VPN. They are designed to work well over most internet connections, without the requirement for expensive network hardware or VPNs. Click here for more details.

Can I use ShowCase with Citrix/LogMeIn/GoToMyPC/Terminal Services, etc.?

No. Remote desktop solutions are designed to provide a functional approximation of your desktop so you can interact with it, not to render accurate color or grayscale or moving, diagnostic-quality medical video. Using ShowCase over remote desktop solutions is not an Intended Use of ShowCase and is not supported. For a lengthy explanation, click here.