Medical Image Display and Management Software

Which ShowCase Products Do I Need?

I need a basic viewer for looking at DICOM images on CDs, USBs, etc.

ShowCase Basic should meet your needs. It is our lowest priced viewer. It has diagnostic quality viewing capability, can de-identify and save studies, print to desktop printers, and export in AVI, BMP, TIFF and JPG formats.

I need to send studies from my ultrasound machines to one PC for storage and review

The Image Center Bundle should meet your needs. The Image Center readily stores 200,000+ studies, with quick access via ShowCase Premier or ShowCase ViP. It comes with one copy of ShowCase Premier, licenses that allows two imaging devices to be connected, and will support as many iPads as you wish. Additional Premier reading stations can be added at any time, as can imaging devices. And it doesn't require expensive computer hardware - a modern PC with plenty of hard drive space will work just fine.

I need to read studies from several PCs in my office

You'll want one PC with the Image Center installed on it, and a copy of ShowCase Premier for each PC reading station. Images will be sent from your ultrasound machines (or other imaging devices/DICOM SCUs) to the Image Center. Each copy of Premier can then access your studies from the Image Center.

I need a clinical reporting solution

ShowCase is fully integrated with the EncaptureMD product from Flexible Informatics, and also works with SonoSoft reporting. We do not offer a clinical reporting solution ourselves.

I need to read studies from home or other remote locations

Our Image Center product, used in conjunction with Premier and your own VPN will do the trick. Install the Image Center in your main office and have your imaging devices send to the Image Center, and then install a copy of Premier on your home PC or laptop. No expensive, high-speed internet connections required. Premier can be configured to automatically copy studies in the background while you're away from your computer so that when you sit down to read, you have immediate access to diagnostic quality images. If you don't have a VPN, we recommend LogMeIn's Hamachi software VPN. It's very reasonably priced and relatively easy to deploy.

I want to read studies from my PACS

Add the Connect option to ShowCase Basic or Premier and you are good to go. If you have a Radiology oriented PACS, our viewers provide a cost-effect Cardiology solution.

I need to export studies to CD/DVD with a built-in viewer so other physicians don't need special software to view them

ShowCase Premier can burn studies to CD or DVD with an optional on-board viewer that will run on any Windows PC. The viewer displays the images in their original diagnostic quality.

I need to de-identify images for a research study

ShowCase Basic will meet your needs. It can erase image areas and save images with all identifying information removed from the image header in the file. Need to send the studies on a CD to a research center? Move up to ShowCase Premier to write CDs and include an onboard viewer on the CD.

I need image tools to help me with case presentation and teaching

ShowCase Basic includes features such as annotation and image de-identification / paint outs, and PowerPoint integration features. A single click puts your images onto Powerpoint slides, either in standard export formats or in native DICOM. A special embedded ShowCase control will play DICOM clips directly on Powerpoint slides, as long as PowerPoint is running on a machine that has ShowCase installed on it. All ShowCase image editing tools are available right inside your PowerPoint presentation.

I need to use ShowCase on a number of PCs

Our portable USB license is the right choice for physicians who read studies in multiple locations or IT support people who frequently swap machines in and out. You can install ShowCase on several computers and carry the license along with you to activate the software when you need it. (The software will not run when the flash license is not present) Portable flash licenses are not good for people who lose things easily- they are expensive to replace.